Saturday, August 27, 2011

52, 53

52. People say that the world is a reflection of the self, but we could just as easily say the opposite is true, and that you are a reflection of the world. This is indeed the case as all of our beliefs, ideals and modalities were shaped and molded by the world outside. If our mind is nothing more than the surface of some sort of mental mirror, a quantum horizon where information and light from the world stops, then all we really are is what we see around us; the mountains, the trees and the sky. What we are not, however, is all the human beings that we meet, for they are also mirrors reflecting the world around them, all be it from a different position. Neither are we to consider ourselves as the same as any of the products or inventions of man, which appear to be distilled products of the natural energy of the environment.
When we walk around the natural environment - all the time keeping what I have just said in mind - we realise that we are indistinguishable from it. We, therefore, neither think nor criticize, for how can a mountain or a tree hope to criticize itself, when it has no more thoughts or language in which to do so? There are times when we can get feedback from the environment, for example, when we catch our reflection in the shop-glass, or as I have said earlier, when we encounter another human bipedal mirror. The effect that our physical make-up and mental composure has on these people is visible in the form of vibrations. People will be seen to shudder; either in disgust or with pleasure, or they will behave entirely indifferent towards you.

53. Plato said "We do not learn new things, we remember them". One possible explanation for this reasoned statement is that our physical bodies encompass so much more area of space time than is visible to us at any given moment. At some point in the future, we may learn something that we never thought possible for us to know, and yet when we look at our bodies from a fourth dimensional perspective that information is already there within in us, we have simply not been privileged access to it. But, from time to time, people are granted access to possible future states of their body through dreams or practical divining methods. These methods must short cut the 3rd dimension and access information already stored within the 4D brain-body. In short, the brain must be capable of traveling the superhighways of the 4th dimension like spiders crawling the internet, with the objective of accessing data, which under normal circumstances we are not given privileged access to.*
 *A way to access this data, would probably be just to visualise, or think about, the information you are looking for, and then relax, breathe, let the spiders crawl the web and wait for the looked for information to be presented to you in good time.

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