Friday, August 26, 2011


47. When you are at an advanced stage of meditation, when thoughts no longer come with such increasing regularity, bring your mind your attention to bear upon the mind. This concentration should begin to manifest as an area of minor tension within the mind. Next, focus your attention on your attention itself - what was once focused inwards will now be expanding outwards - causing your tension to peel back like the skin of an orange; bringing with it much relaxation.

48. Aldous Huxley called the senses "the doors of perception." Even with the eyes closed, it is clear that these doors are wide open. It the world, which is so huge, can enter through these doors, then surely the mind can also pass through and escape into the world.

49. When a person is meditating, the positions of his arms and legs may develop the proprioception of a hexagonal mobius strip; or Penrose Hexagon.
50. According to Castaneda's alleged teacher Don Juan, the primary goal of a sorcerer is "to stop time." Although Don Juan is by no means explicit on how to go about doing this, I believe that he is merely telling us to stay in the present moment. To match the velocity of the present moment, without cares or distractions, requires continuous energy and concentration. Only by matching its velocity can you appreciate just how fast time is actually going. Like Einsteins theory of Special Relativity, which states that in order to stop time you must travel at the speed of light; so, we are told, to stop time we must also travel at the speed of mind. The Brahman of the East have a statement in the Brahma-samhita, which says something similar; Just ride the airplane which runs at the speed of mind. Stopping time means achieve the same level of constant flow, so as to be unaware of its passage what-so-ever.

51. There are no good or bad emotions. All emotions are just different electro-static fields which are incapable of possessing such a distinction. But how then, you might ask, do I sense that one emotion is good and another bad? I will tell you. Many of us do not want to feel bad, or have negative emotions, and so we resist any such emotions with our minds, as they arise. Unfortunately, we are not always aware that the chemical and electrical basis of our emotions is actually an internal energetic imbalance in our bodily system. This emotionally charged energy which, as I have said already, is neither good nor bad, wishes to flow freely through our bodies, just as we allow positive emotions to do without much thought or coersion. It is only our resistance, or impedance, to the flow of electrical energy in our bodies, which precipitates the unpleasant feelings we associate with these types of emotions.
Allow these emotions to flow freely through your body unimpeded and you will realise that they are not dangerous or harmful, in fact, they have a quality and an energy that is most exhilarating. Let us be clear, however, although I am saying that I wish you to experience these emotions freely, I do not want you to act upon them in the same way. Once you have experienced these feelings or sensations, you will realise that they are not really motivating you to do anything - good or bad. They merely wish to move freely from one energy level to another.

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