Monday, August 8, 2011

Post 34

Often I find, as soon as I have fixed one problem in my personal life another bigger problem arises. I cannot forgo fixing one problem to avoid the greater one, I know to be looming on the horizon, because a small problem can quickly develop into an even larger problem. The older I get, the greater are the problems I face. Eventually, I surmise, I will reach the 'mother' of all problems, which will quite possibly be an existential crisis. Once you have defeated this enemy, nothing on Earth can effect you. You defeat the enemy by not letting it effect you. This may seem a dismal and hopeless state of affairs. But we should realise that these problems are tests to help us grow, and therefor have our best interests at heart, in a sense. So, it is important to remember to remain positive, and to keep educating ourselves about the best means of defense against these continuous ordeals.

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