Friday, August 5, 2011

Post 33

Dreams have been interpreted as a place for the mind to act out its most intimate desires; a place to process complex ideas and information; or even as a means of prophecy and divination. Intense meditation can often dredge up memories of long forgotten dreams, dreams that appear not to fit into any of these pre-subscribed categories. Until, that is, the unexplained nocturnal visions are interpreted in terms of the current on-going meditational practice. Then, the dream will appear to the dreamer as a complex analogy of whatever mental processes are taking place within the practitioner's meditational state at that very moment.
For example, whilst attempting to dissolve a feeling of melancholy from deep within my soul, I was reminded of a dream that is much too long and complex to get embroiled in here, but whose overriding theme was of moving into a house in the country surrounded by potato plants. What is remarkable about this is that the memory of the dream sprung from 4 or more years previous, and in all that time I had only ever thought about it once (when I recalled it upon waking).  Now, it could be that the mind possesses this extra-ordinary prescience only when it comes to the trials and tribulations of meditation, or it could be that in this state, the mind can adjust the meaning of any amorphous situation to suit its needs at that very instant. But either way it shows that this area of the mind is capable of a kind of situational synaethesia, being able to convert external experiences into internal disputes or resolutions. This is a very remarkable feat, indeed - but it makes me wonder; Is this is not what we are always doing with every moment of our waking lives?

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