Friday, August 7, 2009

The Blue Kachina; Part 1

Whilst I was reading a post by Goro Adachi on his website my Dad asked me if I wanted to throw out “a brown angel box.” The box used to contain a glockenspiel made by Korean company Blue Angel. Now, because Goro was discussing brown dwarfs crashing into the moon and the Korean missile fiasco, I decided to take a closer look at this bright orange packaging, my Dad is slightly colour-blind.
Marlene Dietrich played 'Lola -Lola' in the von Sternburg 1930 movie Blue Angel. I wondered what Marlene was up to in 1955, and because I could not remember her name I typed, german actress Blue Angel 1955 into Google. What I saw there made me think that I had strayed into an Alternative Universe;
Born: [Kater]Nina Hagen, born in East Berlin, East Germany, March 11, 1955, actress, Blue Angel.
The information here is not totally correct. Nina Hagen is not an actress, she is a singer. But she did produce an album with the title Blue Angel, and must surely have heard of Marlene Dietrich, as this tip of the hat suggests.

Here Nina is seen striking the signature pose of the Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich. Nina, however, has a Doomsday Clock hanging from her hip that say 5 minutes to Midnight. We know this from the skull above it that says, Little Killer. This picture was taken in 1985. The Doomsday Clock moved forward to 5 minutes to Midnight for the first time on January 17th 2007, where it remains for the present. Nina Hagen is strongly outspoken stance against Nuclear arms would explain the inclusion of the Doomsday clock.

Nina Hagen began her career with a unique blend of reggae, punk and operatic singing. She is also credited as being one of the first artist to include electronic media in music. Nina has been interviewed by high exposure talk show hosts like David Letterman. In these early interviews she discussed veganism, the necessity of world peace, LSD and an Eastern mystic known as Babaji the master of masters. By the 80s, however, her public appearances became increasingly hysterical and made reference to aliens and UFOs. In one interview she hounded a fellow guest and accused him of being “an evil alien” and told him “to go home”. If you go to Nina’s blogspot you can read about her interests which include angel and demon hierarchies (alien races) and Hopi Indian Prophecy.

Nina has claimed to be half human and half angel. In Nina's philosophy. as in many others, angels and aliens are inter-changeable. A Blue Angel could therefore be reinterpreted as a Blue Alien. In Luc Bessons film “The Fifth Element” Leeloo (Lola Lola) is a half human, half devine space being played by actress Mila Jojovich. The childish tempestuous and loving nature of her character Leeloo is easily comparable with that of the real life Nina Hagen. Compare the picture of Leeloo here with that of the two women in the pictures above; notice the similarities in their posture; the prominently bent knee and the arm traversing to make the letter 'A'.

Another pivotal character in the movie is Diva Plavalaguna, an opera singer that conceals four sacred stones. During her act she makes great use of electronic backing instruments and vocoders. She is the Blue Alien.

Half way through the movie, Leeloo (Jojovich) and Korben Dallas, played by Bruce Willis, travel to Fhloston Paradise, in the Angel constellation. Their mission is to retrieve four stones, before the evil military contractor Zorg can place his hands on them. Korben is the unwitting winner of two tickets to Fhloston Paradise through the annual competition Gemini Croquette. Jiminy Cricket, from where the competition's name is derived, is a character in Walt Disney’s children classic Pinocchio.

In the story Pinocchio is brought to life by the Blue Fairy. Later Pinnochio is lured to Pleasure Island (Lost in Paradise), by the nefarious Coachman. He escapes home only to find that Geppeto has been eaten by a whale. Eventually all four characters end up in the whale's belly – like the four stones in the Diva's possession. The above picture hints at the whereabouts of those stones. The Diva is representative of the whale.

The four stones of geology are; diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. James Shelby Downard wrote in his essay Kill King 33 that Dorothy's slippers from The Wizard of Oz "symbolize the immense power of "ruby light," otherwise known as the laser." Early lasers utilized synthetic ruby rods as their gain medium. Ruby Rod is the name of the flamboyant DJ on board the Space Pleasure Cruiser orbiting Fhloston Paradise. When we first meet Ruby Rod, played by Chris Tucker, he makes repeated reference to heat and fire, the very action of the laser. When he asks how his show went he is told, "Crystal green... like emerald green." Emeralds, of course, play a big part in the Wizard of Oz, as well as in Alchemical works; like the Emerald Tablet. Leeloo is an alchemical weapon of light against the "Great Evil". She must transmute the energy of the four stones into an energy beam of the fifth state in order to save the universe.

The whole reason behind obtaining the four sacred stones is to stop the Great Evil from reaching Earth. The Great Evil is a planet-sized dark star similar to a brown dwarf. Every 5,000 years it returns to earth to destroy all life. This star is Nemesis, the hypothetical brown dwarf companion star of our Sun that contributes to periodic mass extinctions here on earth (according to the theories of Richard Muller and others).

The 27th element of the periodic table is Cobalt. This applies to the 27 notes of the glockenspiel and the harmonic frequency of this atom. Cobalt is a key ingredient for all life on this planet, especially mammalian life; whales, dolphins etc. Cobalt is used to make a vivid blue colour, Cobalt Blue. The word Cobalt is derived from the German kobald, the name miners gave to dwarves and goblins that inhabit the earth. So, here we have the blue dwarf that originated in Germany just as Blue Angels Nina Hagen and Marlene Dietrich did.

Nina Hagen has a strong connection with the End of the World, as can be seen by the Doomsday Clock in her Blue Angel tribute photograph. Just how strong this connection is, will be revealed in part 2.

Part 2; The Red Kachina.

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