Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 9/11 Videodrome

Something about the news coverage of 9/11 2001 and the title of the 1983 movie Videodrome seems to resonate. 9/11 is the Terminator signal, the beginning of dip towards the singularity, where technological advancements alter the very nature of reality. Concerns about the use of remote control guidance systems on the planes or TV fakery have stirred doubts about the current state of technological advancement and its possible applications in the future. In their need to perpetuate a never-ending war, the US government must now look towards mechanizing its armed forces.

Videodrome is also about the singularity; where the boundaries between man and machine are blurred to such a degree that it winds up affecting the nature of reality. Subliminal signals lodged within the transmission of a 'subterranean' show called Videodrome turn people into Manchurian candidate style assassins. Broadcasts of terror attacks on 9/11 were typified examples of mass mind-control, utilising fear and repetition as a method of hypnotic persuasion.

In the beginning of the film Videodrome Max Renn, played by James Woods, arrives at a hotel room of a Japanese TV production company called Hiroshima. As he enters the hotel room, a dream like place, his reflection is caught in the mirror, through the looking glass.

Mirrors are important Templar/Freemasonic symbols as they represent duality. Hotels also represent a duality between what is private and what is public. Later on, Max goes to meet Harlen who is trying to unscramble the nefarious Videodrome signal. He mentions that the signal has a 53 second delay that would put its point of origin somewhere in South East Asia. The next time they meet Harlen says that the delay was a ruse and the signal was from inside the US after all. This idea of reflection and delay interested me. In an ordinary situation light travels so fast that your reflection reacts to your movements as you make them. There is no delay.

The reason this is important is because the Twin Towers also represent a duality. They are mirror images or each other. Whatever happens to one building should happen to the other in real time. But as we know there was a difference of 17 minutes between the first plane and second plane strike. The number 17 has esoteric importance to Freemasons and occultists. But the real message here is light and reflection. In Autumn months like September it takes light 8.5 minutes to reach earth from the surface of the Sun. That means that light from the first explosion had just enough time to leave earth, reach the sun, and be reflected back in time to arrive on earth at the moment the second tower exploded. To the ancients orders the sun was a mirror reflecting light on to earth from a higher dimension.

The Blondie Connection

Blondie is an American New Wave punk group that featured Deborah Harry as lead-vocalist. Deborah starred alongside James Wood in Videodrome. Blondie released their third and most popular album, Parallel Lines, in New York in 1978. Parallel lines are related to the Twin Towers in a number of ways. See; pearlsofwar.gateway-to-nine-worlds

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