Friday, August 7, 2009

Eiffel Tower 2012

Eiffel Tower; 2012

Not long ago I had a dream about the Eiffel Tower. In the dream some unseen Angelic Force was guiding me around the tower, educating me in its mysteries. She said that the year 2012 was encoded in the structure and then preceded to show me the names of the 72 scientists engraved upon its base. I asked if these names were somehow connected with sigil magic, the angel looked at me curiously; as if I were crazy. I have no idea why I asked this question, perhaps I merely dreamt it.

Recently it was discovered that the Eiffel Tower conducts stress through its steel structure in precisely the same way that trees transmit water through their branches. Due to the fractal nature of trees, and the newly discovered dentritic pattern of the Eiffel Tower, it may now be safe to conclude that the tower has some momentum towards that fabled date of 2012. The Eiffel Tower was constructed in March 1889 to celebrate the hundred year anniversary of the French Revolution and is, arguably, the most recognisable land mark in the modern world. For this reason you would expect that information about the tower’s overall design would be easily available and largely unambiguous. This is not so; in the case of the total number of steps in the Eiffel Tower. Depending on which source you drink from, the figure could either be 1665, 1671, 1710, 1789 or even 2,731 steps! That is a difference of 1,066 steps from the lowest to the highest estimate and a fair slog at that! The first estimate is from the Eiffel Tower’s Official Website, so you would expect that to be the most correct. No references for the other estimates can be found; with exception of one Birnbaum, whoever he is, who said that the number of steps was 1789.

I have found that the figure is most likely to have been 1710 based on scale measurements of the structure’s plans. This was indeed the number of steps Hitler was said to have climbed on his visit to the Eiffel Tower after invading France, the indignant Parisians had cut the elevator cables so he would have had to walk them all. However the staircases were revamped in the 1980s and, for that reason, might now only number 1665. After all the Official Eiffel Tower Website has no reason to lie about the number of steps to the summit. An interesting fact about the Eiffel Tower is that many of the figures related to its structure add up to and are therefore multiples of 9. Nine is obviously a very important number spiritually as well as numerologically. It denotes volume and the most high; a good description of the tower itself. Therefore only 1665 and 1710 could be legitimate answers for the question of how many steps are in the Eiffel Tower, both of these numbers are multiples of nine.
The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324, this is 9 by 36, four nines are 36. Multiplying the height of the tower by its four sides gives you 1296m. Multiply this by the number of years the tower was originally comissioned for; 20, back in 1887 and you get 25,920 or the consensual length of a Galatic Year and/or the circumference of the Earth in statutory miles. This is an interesting number and will be familiar to anyone who has studied the Precession of the Equinoxes or similarly related subjects, such as the Ancient Mayan Calendar.
This is fascinating because some people believe 2012 to be the end of the current Galactic Cycle and the beginning of the new one, starting with the Age of Aquarius. I concede that this is not a direct encoding of the year 2012 in the Paris monument, but I will press on. Given that there are so many different figures for the number of steps in the Eiffel Tower sceptics would say it is almost certain that you could find some combination of numbers that add up to 2012. And low and behold you can! According to whom you believe, 1665 could either be the total number of steps in the tower or the number of steps in the third level alone. If we add this figure with the concensus number of steps in the first level, 347, we get 2012.
1665 is by far the most interesting of all the figures related to the Eiffel Tower in regards to mankinds history and his manifest destiny as it is written in the stars. On this year, Giovanni Cassini calculated the rotational period of Mars and Jupiter. Three years later, in 1668, he calculated, to an accurate sufficiency, the orbital positions of the inner moons of Jupiter. If you have read my Time Code 101 article you will know that 1668 lies on the Phi point of the Time Code. By overlaying the diagram of the Eiffel Tower on a map of the moons of Jupiter you get this result.

Jupiter occupies the first strata of the Eiffel Tower, Io the 7th, Europa the 11th, then Ganymede at 17th strata and finally Callisto occupies the apex point. 1, 7, 11,17 is a very rythmic sequence and would seem to fit with the idea that both the Eiffel Tower and the orbital positions of planets are linked to the ordering system Phi. Similar results can be achieved with the inner planets of the solar system with Mars and Jupiter occupying significant placements within the structure.

The Eiffel Tower was built in Parc Champs de Mars, inaugurated on the 31st of March/Mars 1889 and was made of iron. Iron is the element associated with Mars, the God of War, and in keeping with this, the rectangular Parc Champs de Mars was initially used as a training ground for military manouevres by the Ecole Militaire. It is also interesting that the Eiffel Tower shares an acronym with that other ET, the Extra Terrestrial.

Luke Chapter 7, verse 11-17, 7:11-17, the repetitive cycle, describes an incident where Jesus resurrects a dead man in the city of Nain. This is interesting because the Eiffel Tower, with its associations with Masonic ritual, has long since been considered to serve some sort of Necromantic function related to the containment and/or defense against the inevitable overturning of Hell on Judgement Day, when the dead rise from their graves to walk the Earth. See
In an episode of 80s cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, the ghostbusters are called upon by the French Government to investigate a crack that has appeared in the Eiffel Tower’s newly discovered ghost containment field. Is it possible that the real purpose of some of these monuments is to wedge a door closed that should have opened a long time ago? If these measures fail will the dead rise up and walk the earth once more, just as Jesus resurrected the dead man in the city of Nain? Spookily, nain is also a French word meaning dwarf; a mythical creature closely associated with death, demons and underworld realms. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has been referred to as “le nain”, presumably because of his small stature and goblin-like features. His term in office will end in 2012, admissing his re-election, of course.

The Dwarf, Sarkozy.

In the film Ghostbusters Winston turns to Ray, as they are driving across the Brooklyn Bridge, and asks him if he believes in God. What follows is a conversation about Judgement Day when the dead rise from their graves. Ray quotes from the Book of Revelations Chapter 7, verse 11 through 15. It is a misquote and one probably completely fabricated to build the dramatic tension, but the significance is not lost. I believe that the Eiffel Tower may be emitting a harmonic frequency capable of jamming the entry of ghost and goblins from the nether-world.

Internet searches related to the Eiffel Tower turn up some interesting results. For instance, and as stated earlier, scientific researchers have discovered that the Tower is structurally very similar to a tree. Trees are closely related to fractile based geometry and the structural ordering of phi. As I discussed earlier in Time Code 101 these two principles are unquestionably linked to time and the Mayan date of 2012. I have made a mock up graphic to better help you to visualise the connection between fractal geometry and the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.

I have also included a mock up of how the Eiffel Tower compares with the Time Wave Zero, for those of you interested in Terrence McKenna and his theories.

As you can see significant drops in the waveform coincide with noteworthy features in the tower.

More interestingly perhaps, is how the tower matches up with the last spike of the Time Wave. As you can see in the above diagram the angle of curvature between the tower and the declining part of the wave are correlative. The region at the bottom right hand corner in which the wave dissipates is some 168 metres from the central point of the tower. Multiply this by the original height of the tower and devide by 2; for the area of the triangle, gives a rough estimate of 25,964ms, which is very close to the Mayan Galactic year.


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