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Bray; UFOs and Satanism

Bray; UFOs and Satanism

Bray is a border town between Dublin and Co. Wicklow. It has, in the past, been the site of much unrest, as marauding families from Wicklow attacked at the fringes of Colonial Dublin. In 1666, ownership of Bray was divided between two Lords; Lord Brabazon and the Earl of Tirconnel. Lord Brabazon's coat of arms depicts two dragons holding up a shield. There is a statue of a dragon in the centre of town also. Its frightening composure has often sent chills up my spine; as a child. For a great number of decades during the mid to late 19th century Bray was under-control of the Freemasons, who planned and built much of the great Victorian architecture, the public baths and the railway line. 1666, marked the split between the old Medieval style architecture and the new Classical influences overseen by the Stonemasons.

Across the water, in England of the same year, Isaac Newton was conducting an experiment that could be more honestly described as an occult ritual. In the darkness of his laboratory he managed to split a ray of light into the seven colours; known as the spectrum. Newton was a member of the Gentleman's Club of Spalding, a type of Free masonic Guild, as well as, allegedly, being the Grand Master of the Prior of Sion. The Prior of Sion are meant to worship a shadowy Deity known as the Baphomet. Modern Satanists claim the Baphomet is Satan himself. If this is true, then by breaking or splitting light, on this of all years, Newton may have been invoking the spirit of the Unholy, the Baphomet.

Out along the coast of Bray, at a place called Bray Head, lies the most treacherous stretch of railway track in all the British Isles. Rock falls continuously interrupted the service and the track was eventually diverted inside the mountain when carriages fell into the sea. After this was done, the original Brabazon tunnel became redundant. It is now said to play host to all kinds of Satanic ritual masses. No doubt the inaccessibility of the tunnel lends itself well to the clandestine nature of these rituals. But another geographic feature may also be an unconscious contributing factor. The Brabazon tunnel is situated in the middle of an extinct fault line. Where better to hold a sermon for Satan than in a place where, millions of years ago, the earth split and the hell fires rose up to engulf the world?

Bray has been a place of great social, economic and political divides. Considering that it is also an area of considerable occult significance leads me to suspect that Bray might also encapsulate the divide between the commonplace world of man and the midnight realm of the spirits. It is here, perhaps, that the veils are thinning most.

The Case Unfolds

It has also recently been brought to my attention that there exist in Irish Society a clandestine, even shadowy, group of people who appear to control and regulate the flow of information to the rest of the society. This group, known as the ‘Inns Group’, is primarily involved in matters of education. Although, I have not been able to find out much about them, I believe that they may be related to the Inklings. This literary discussion group had as part of it membership the great J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Tolkien himself spent much time in a small village outside of Dublin called Clonskee. Tolkien based the Shire, Hobbiton, on old Clonskea. If you remember Frodo and Sam’s journey through Middle Earth you will remember that the first town they come to outside of Hobbiton is Bree. Today it would be difficult to follow in their footsteps without encountering some modern impedance to spoil the fantasy, but it is not impossible. By following the River Dodder through Marley Park and up into the Dublin Mountains you could reach Bray today without encountering any other settlement, a feet more easily accomplished before the spread of suburbia. If this is correct and Bree is based on Bre, then Weathertop Mountain is what is the Big Sugar Loaf; located just outside the town.

A number of years ago, in a local newspaper, the like of which I have never seen again, there appeared a satellite photograph of Weather Top – A.K.A. the Big Sugar Loaf. Taken in the infra red spectrum by an unknown party the newspaper claimed it showed the face of the Devil in the mountainside. At the time this seemed pretty ludicrous to me, but many years later I read an account of a family who had driven up the Sugar Loaf on a day trip when they were suddenly and repeatedly attacked by a flying metallic craft. A good friend of mine also witnessed a strange craft doing manoeuvres over the mountain whilst he was out sailing. After this I considered the idea of an underground base, possibly contained in an extinct volcanic chamber and went to see if I couldn't find an entrance or way in. Although there were many deep holes in the mountain; ventilation perhaps? I could find nothing. I decided that the metal craft probably travelled in and out through the fault line and emerged somewhere out at sea.

While I was on the mountain I saw many beautiful things. White mists rolled overhead and black crows circled high above the summit. I imagined a car radio aerial coming up out of the ground and going back down again. Later, back on Terrafirma, as I waited for my brother to move the car, the vision I invoked appeared before me for real. A slender metallic aerial extended its self from the body work of the car. I thought nothing more of it. That night there was a terrific thunder storm and my brother and I went outside of our house to take a few pictures. It was 3:13 a.m. on the 2 of July 2009; when we noticed something strange in the sky.

The Object.

The object appeared in the South East at a 45 degree angle and appeared as a diffuse light that zig-zagged in tight circles around a very small area. At first I thought I was seeing things as the object track across the sky before my eyes. But soon afterward my brother pointed it out to me again. The object could coalesce into a more substantial object and was capable of stretching itself into a new position. This made it look like it had the ability to bend space. Over the next fifteen minutes to a half hour the object’s ‘shapes’ and ‘movements’, for lack of better words, ranged from arcs to points and from straight long lines to bifurcating aerial displays. Its appearance often preceded lightning strikes.

Parallax views of the object conformed with that of an object on the surface of the eye and yet focusing on it placed it 20ft. away. Object appeared to be link with perception; as if it was beamed inside of the head. It is possible that it was an electro-magnetic hallucination caused by the storm, or it could have been atmospheric plasma, which denotes a particular form of intelligence. Did whatever agency, alien or demonic, that resides in the Sugar Loaf send down this storm and its holographic messenger? My brother suggested it might have been a an airborne cobweb morphed by electrical fields, which is a very learned explanation. But he also drew attention to the fact that he had just started reading The Holographic Universe; an admission of doubt based on the object perceived as being ‘inside the mind’. I felt afterward that it was a Godlike vision linked to the psychical and physical realms.

This video is the only thing that I have seen that comes close to looking like what we saw. Notice the way the formation appears to be linked with the observer and the focal length of the camera while still occupying its own physical space within the universe. It brings with it the eerie sensation of being a holographic perception interacting with the viewers perception of it.

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  1. great piece Chris. I had a series of visions the weekend gone involving the sugarloaf and what seemed to be rotating, flying, golden pyramids. I felt I was seeing the Vimana's (who knows). They entered the mountain from the east through no visible opening, as if they could pass through matter. They returned to me a while later and informed me the sugarloaf will be a great ally (in a particular matter) if I bring it offerings of chocolate from time to time!