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9/11 and the Ritual Murder of St. John the Baptist

There is no reference to the events of 9/11 or the collapse of the Twin Towers in the Holy Bible. Why not? The Bible is probably the most prophetic book in the Western Tradition. It is bound up in its description of the destiny of mankind, from its supposed origins in the Garden of Eden, through to Revelations, and the Second Coming. So why is their no mention of, possibly, the most prophetic and symbolic event in Man's history to date in the Holy Bible? Well, actually there is, only you will not find it in the St. James version. But, if you look in the Irish Apocrypha, great to read by the way, there is a prediction telling of "the terrible collapse of two towers" and says that this will happen on the day of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. The St. James version tells us that St. John's day falls on the 29th of August, but because of a discrepancy of thirteen days between the Georgian and Julian Calendars, this day now falls on September 11th.

John P. O'Neill was head of the FBI's counter terrorism flagship in New York, up until the tenure of his resignation in late August 2001. John O'Neill's good relations with the heads of the CIA and his keen interest in the case of Osama bin Laden, should have made him the ideal candidate to detect, and deflect, the 9/11 terror attack in New York. There is, however, consistent evidence that says he was thwarted at every turn by his superiors and the foreign Government officials in league with them. As it happened on the morning of September 11th he began his new job, as head of security for the Twin Towers. He died that morning helplessly trying to save the lives of the people that he was appointed to protect. Does any of this strike you as odd?

On John O'Neill's first day as head of counter terrorism, Richard A. Clarke, former chief of counter terrorism at the US National Security Council, rang him up to tell him that Ramzi Yousef had been apprehended in Pakistan. Ramzi Yousef was the 'supposed' mastermind behind the plot to blow up the World Trade Centre in 1993. John O’ Neill became interested in this case and began investigating Osama Bin Laden and the organization known as Al Queda. In 1996, travelled to Saudi Arabia to investigate the Khobar Tower bombing, but he became frustrated by the lack of cooperation he recieved from the Saudi Government. When three American Embassies were bombed in Africa, he had hoped to be sent over, on account of his extensive knowledge, but he was blocked by his superiors in Washington. One of these superiors was Chief of Counter Terrorism Richard A. Clarke, who had a central role in pre-9/11 counter-terrorism planning.

The Head of the flagship of counter terrorism in New York City, John O'Neill, was forced to resign (be-headed) on or around the 29 of August and 13 days later, on or around Sept. 11th, was made Head of Security for the Twin Towers. After John O'Neill received news of his new position he talked to his friend Chris Isham about the job. Jokingly, Isham said, "At least they're not going to bomb it again," a reference to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. O'Neill replied, "They’ll probably try to finish the job."

Groomed for Doom?

From day one Richard Clarke had O'Neill working the Islamic hard-liners. He, or one of his superiors, most likely knew the results of this guy's psychometric tests. They knew that once he started investigating these characters he would not stop. But they also knew that he was a patriot and did not question orders that came down to him from above. All of this meant that on the morning of September 11th 2001; the only place a man of John O'Neill's psychological temperament and background was going to be was in one of those two towers. This is Arlington Road revisited. Only this time the dupe isn't set up to be a terrorist, but a sacrificial victim of the most heinous occult ritual conducted in known history. The 'beheading' of New York's John the Baptist and the awful collapse of the Twin Towers occurs, just like the Irish Biblical Apocrypha says it would - on the same day.

The story of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist is very specific; and for those who do not know it this is it;
On Herod's birthday, Herodias' daughter (traditionally named Salome) danced before the king and his guests. Her dancing pleased Herod so much that in his drunkenness he promised to give her anything she desired, up to half of his kingdom. When the daughter asked her mother what she should request, she was told to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Although Herod was appalled by the request, he reluctantly agreed and had John executed in the prison.
The remains of John O'Neill, and most importantly his head, had to be recovered to complete the ritual sacrifice. Considering that an estimated 6,000 people lost their lives that day and only 1,600 could be identified by the City, it is almost a miracle that they were able to match and recover John O' Neill's remains just ten days later on the 22nd September. The remains of so many others were simply dumped, along with the Twin Tower's wreckage, on New York's Fresh Kills landfill site on Staten Island. It was no less than Richard A. Clark who announced the positive results of John O'Neill's DNA testing.

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