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Atreyu and the Wolf

In the Never Ending Story Atreyu is pursued by G'mork, a creature of darkness that emerges from underground. This makes him akin to the legend of the Nordic Fenris wolf, who tried to eat the sun, but was imprisoned in the centre of the earth. Legend has it that when the forces of evil equal the forces of good the earth's rotation will slow down and the earth will rip open freeing Fenris from his prison. This time is known as Ragnarok and is the Nordic version of the Apocalypse.

G'mork the Werewolf
All of this should sound very familiar to you, if you have read any of my previous posts that is. In Southland Tales Fluid Karma is responsible for slowing the earth's rotation, a process known as Global Deceleration. This process leads to the end of the world. The Fluid Karma Generator, as we know, is equivalent to the LHC and the U2 Claw stage. In the second part of the 10/13 prediction I said that;

Then the Fenris Wolf , shaken from his sleep, will break free from his underground lair.

The Fenris Wolf is G'mork because of the inclusion of the Nothing from the Never Ending Story later on in the prophecy. Another part of the prediction that I left out, because it is a little obscure, mentions that the wolf will have an explosive growth rate; going from birth to adulthood and old age in a few seconds.

The wolf will grow in size, from a pup to a hound, in the blink of an eye. He will achieve old age just as quickly, but by then he will have six spindly insect legs, making him terrible to look at.

The transformation of the dog from The Thing (1982).
The six spindly insect legs that appear on the wolf's body in old age have a precedent in John Carpenter's 1982 movie The Thing. In the film a dog that is really a shape-shifting alien mutates and infects the other dogs in the pack. You can watch the mutation here, but be warned it is pretty disgusting.

In the Never Ending Story G'mork is sent out to kill the only person who can stop the Nothing from destroying Fantasia. That person is Atreyu. When Atreyu and G'mork finally meet they do not recognise each other at first. This allows them time to exchange words before doing battle with each other. In this exchange we learn that Atreyu must get beyond the boundaries of Fantasia in order to stop the Nothing. G'mork informs Atreyu that Fantasia is the world of human hopes and dreams and, therefore, has no boundaries. He goes on to say that he is in league with the power behind the Nothing. He wants to destroy the hopes of mankind because people who are without hope are easy to control. "He who has the control, has the power!"

This is of key importance to everything I have been saying about the LHC up until now. The LHC is the pinnacle of mankind's attempts, which are still in the stage of research, to control the Universe. The LHC is this realities equivalent to Fluid Karma machine, the ultimate power source that can control machines and the minds of men. Krysta Now's predictive screen play called The Power outlines how Fluid Karma will destroy the world. The name Fluid Karma suggests the karmic flow of energies that is the sum total of human actions, good or bad, on the surface of this planet. If this flow reaches an equilibrium, this line of reasoning seems to suggest, the Earth would shatter and Ragnarok would begin.

The Nothing cannot be captured in any image or described in words. But its form can be understood in terms of its effect upon Fantasia. The Nothing appears to the inhabitants of Fantasia as a great storm that sucks everything into it. It eats everything. In this way it is like a black hole. The third part of the prediction stipulates a black hole or singularity of some kind.

After that the wind called The Nothing will sweep the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

The prophecy, in full, seems to suggest, that the LHC will produce an earthquake;
First the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk, that is made dark blue by the night.
that it will then explode; the Fenris Wolf ... will break free from his underground lair. The wolf will grow in size, from a pup to a hound, in the blink of an eye. He will achieve old age just as quickly, but by then he will have six spindly insect legs, making him terrible to look upon.
and finally it will create a black hole.
After that the wind called The Nothing will sweep the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

If a black hole appeared on earth that was large enough to begin absorbing the atmosphere then within a relatively short space of time we would be fucked. As far as I am aware, the LHC is only capable of generating tiny quantum black holes that evaporate the instant they are created. Unless something unprecedented happens, I think we are safe from total annihilation. But what about G'mork? Did he not say that he was in league with the power behind the Nothing? What then is this power?

Well if the Nothing is a black hole created by the LHC, then the power behind the Nothing must then be the LHC. But who is G'mork and how does he tie in with the LHC? The answer to that lies with someone we know quite well by now. It is none other than Bono AKA Paul Hewson.

In 2003 Bono collaborated with Gavin Friday, another Irish Mason, to create a new version of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Gavin Friday was responsible for the music and Bono illustrated it. Peter and the Wolf is of course symbolically identical to the struggle between Atreyu and G'mork. If Bono is G'mork then this sheds some light on G'morks affrimation that Fantasia has no boundaries. U2's new single, called No Line On The Hirozon, describes the limitless and unending world of Fantasia, as well as the indefinable parametres of the Nothing in one fell swoop. The purpose of the LHC is to look for the boundaries of our Universe, just like Atreyu is doing. What if they find something that we don't want to see?

Bono is of course connected to the LHC through his Fluid Karma imitation stage known as the Claw. That name now bares more significance in terms of the wolf's talons/claws. The six spindly insect legs that emerge from the aging G'mork/Bono creature are indicative of alien or demonic control. In an earlier post I connected Bono to demonic possession and the Demon Murder Trial. Is Bono really a shape-shifting alien? Someone should do the blood test on him.

The scribblings of an insane lunatic?
The Lord of the Hive

In the picture on the left Bono has drawn Peter in his own likeness, or rather the likeness of his alter-ego, the Fly. The writing on his wooly jumper reads; Baked Bean Boy. This seemingly ridiculous statement is actually a coded Satanic message. Baked Bean Boy is an alliteration of three 'b's - BBB. Bees live in hives made of hexagonal compartments. Bees have six legs and gestate inside hexagonal catacombs. Three bees then make 666, either way you look at it. Notice how the words are enclosed in a hexagonal cartouche symbolic of the catacombs of the hive.

In Southland Tales the Baron, who created Fluid Karma, is Lucifer, the Lord of the Flies. In our world that evil may be personified in the Fly, Bono.

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