Saturday, September 19, 2009

The LHC and Fluid Karma

The Law of Fluid Karma

The Fluid Karma Generator is responsible for a rift in the fabric of spacetime half a kilometre long. Boxer Santaros and Officer Roland Taverner move through the rift and subsequently travel 69 minutes back in time. The rift is created, presumably, through the process of global deceleration, where by the earth's rotation is slowed by 0.0000006 mph each day. In the movie Southland Tales (2005) Officer Roland Taverner encounters his past-self and, having suffered from amnesia, mistakes his past-self for his twin brother. What would happen if two people, two identical souls sharing the same molecules, were to come into physical contact with one another? Boxer Santaros has the answer; "The 4th dimension would unravel, you stupid bitch."

The new U2 stage for the 360 degree World Tour is designed in the image of the Fluid Karma Generator. This image of the stage, nicknamed the Claw, was taken at Croke Park in Dublin in late July. Note the airship/blimp in the top right hand corner. Fluid Karma also powered and controlled a colossal airship whose spectacular destruction came only moments before the destruction of the world itself. The Claw was unveiled in Barcelona on June 30 2009; a year to the day that Boxer Santaros and Roland travelled through the rift created by the very machine this monstrosity is modeled upon. In an interview, in Barcelona, Bono pointed to the large spire in the centre of the stage and said that it was a homage to Gaudi. Then he called Barcelona "the capital of Surrealism." I can think of no better place to reveal your Fluid Karma inspired stage, built in honour of two fictional characters who broke the spacetime barrier, than in the Capital of Surrealism, Bono.

The Large Hadron Collider will be switched on some time in October. Its purpose is to recreate conditions as they were in the universe directly after the Big Bang. They are doing this to try to understand where the universe came from, and how it came to be the way that it is. The LHC will accelerate particles very close to the speed of light and smash them into other particles traveling in the opposite direction to create mass. When matter is created out of energy you get matter and anti-matter in equal amounts. According to the "CERN rap video" anti-matter is like matters evil twin and when they come into contact they annihilate one another. This is a very similar story to the concept of time unravelling when Roland Taverner interacts with his past self/ 'twin' brother.

Since August of last year it has been made very clear to everyone that scientists don't really know what is going to happen when they finally get the proton accelerator working. Critics of the experiment believe that it could create a rift in spacetime or even destroy the Universe. Sound familiar? The Fluid Karma generator was responsible for creating the rift in spacetime. Could the LHC do the same thing on Earth? The Fluid Karma Generator was also responsible for creating a series of earthquakes of increasing magnitude in the Pacific Ocean. What would happen if an earthquake struck while the LHC was operational? We are told that the chance the Large Hadron Collider might produce an environmental catastrophe, on par with that of the Fluid Karma Generator, is in the region of 0.01%. That is a big price to pay for such a small risk.

The LHC might be the largest machine in the world, but the U2 Claw stage is the largest rock stage ever to tour the world. It will be completing the last leg of its tour in North America on October 28th. October has now a special significance for both the LHC and U2. U2's second ever album was called October.

The world won't end on October 13th but we should be in for a big bang.

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