Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prediction 10/13

"A 9/11 style event" will take place on October 13 2009. It will be known as 10/13. It will make the 9/11 attacks pale in comparison. All of the information in this post I received in a dream. The prophecy below is a summary of events that occurred within the dream.

First the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk, that is made dark blue by the night. Then the Fenris Wolf, shaken from his sleep, will break free from his underground lair. After that the wind called The Nothing will sweep the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

This diagram was shown to me in the same dream. Therefore it is purely illustrative and is not based on any statistical data. However it is, I believe, an accurate representation of the impact 10/13 will have on the human consciousness and world culture. In the dream, this graph was presented to me by two men. One of the men described 9/11 as The First Fall of Man, then he indicated to the part of the graph labeled 10/13 and called this The Second Fall of Man. I am unsure whether he was discussing the fall in the graph or something more Biblical. Adam fell twice, but Jesus fell three times. Does this mean we should expect a 3rd fall? Should we expect it by 2012? I should think so.
(Because of the nature of the graph, extending, as it does, into the future, these events appear to be predetermined and therefore inalterable.)
Of course, I do hope I am wrong in this prediction. But if I am right, and this event does come to pass, perhaps we should look upon it as the fate of man.

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