Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Picture Behind the Story

Krysta Now is a porn star and a psychic who has predicted the events surrounding the last three days before the end of the world. Her predictions come in the form of a screen play. In it the world is threatened by an apocalyptic crime wave brought about by global deceleration. The earth is slowing by 0.0000006 mph causing a chemical imbalance in the brains of the population. The first time we see Krysta in the movie, asides from her TV show, she is ascending a stair case. Behind her is a picture of six men walking in a desert, under a psychedelic sky.

The people in the photograph look uncannily like the U2 band members during their photo shoot for their 1987 album The Joshua Tree. Anton Corbijn took the four Irish lads into Death Valley in California/Nevada. Home video footage of the photo shoot taken by Corbijn shows just how similar this image is to the Joshua Tree in style and content.

There are four band members in U2, and with Corbijn behind the camera that makes 5. So where did the other 2 people come from? To answer that we must look again at the events surrounding Boxer Santaros's disappearance in the movie Southland Tales. The official story said that Boxer was out test driving a prototype SUV near Lake Mead in Northern Las Vegas when in fact he had been kidnapped by Officer Roland Taverner. Together they drive through a rift in the fabric of space time causing them to travel 69 minutes back in time. At this point there are now two duplicate souls wandering the earth. This explains the two extra band members at the Southland Tales photo shoot. They are duplicate band members from some point in the future.

Lake Mead is about 150 kilometres due East of Death Valley
in the Valley of Fire.

The Oupoohtous

As if this striking and obscure occurrence weren't enough, the moniker U2 appears throughout the movie in connection with UPU2 Officer Roland Taverner. "Up U2", is a profoundly Irish way of saying "Ascend to Glory U2!" UPU2, in the movie, stands for Urban Pacification Unit 2. The term pacification is more than just a protocol for policing, it describes the action of the sea, which is integral to the plot line of the film, and its effect on human behavioural patterns. Is the rock group U2 keeping the urban population under some sort of pacification? Possibly by allowing them an outlet for their hatred/appreciation of loud music?

The Fluid Claw

If U2 influenced Southland Tales director Richard Kelly in some way then the influence did not all flow in the one direction. On June 30th 2009, U2 unveiled their new 360 World Tour stage in Barcelona; christened "The Claw" or "The Spaceship". You could be forgiven for thinking it a replica of the Fluid Karma Tidal Generator at Utopia 3 (U3). June 30th 2008 was the date Boxer Santaros and Officer Roland Taverner went through the spacetime rift at Lake Mead, exactly one year before the Claw was revealed in Barcelona.
The Fluid Karma Generator Utopia 3 from Southland Tales (2005),
and beneath, the U2 Claw Stage from the 360 World Tour.
The Treer Fluid Karma Generator.

The Fluid Karma Generator is a massive perpetual motion machine that is driven by the oceans and creates an electro-static energy field capable of controlling machines by remote. The machine is the catalyst for a number of environmental catastrophes such as; global deceleration, tears in the fabric of spacetime, imbalancing people's brain chemistry and a series of earthquakes that begin to increase in magnitude. In real life the only thing that comes close to the scope and scale of the engineering involved in Fluid Karma project, not to mention the potential for calamity, is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on mainland Europe.

I accidentally found this article that links the LHC to the U2 stage, and time travel, for nondescript reasons. Obviously I am not the only one becoming aware of the connection, and therefore, the threat the machine might pose to the future of the human race on our planet. The LHC was designed to discover the God particle, Fluid Karma is known as the Elixir of God. There is a 0.01% chance that the Large Hadron Collider could open a rift in the 4th dimension, this is exactly what the Fluid Karma Generator succeeds in doing. If there is any chance, no matter how small, that the world could be destroyed by the actions of these scientist, doesn't that give the human race a say on whether this machine is given the green light or not? The LHC will be reactivated in October this year after a technical mishap delayed its start up last September.

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