Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hyperdimensional Aspects of the LHC

How is it possible that the LHC, a 27 kilometre long vaccum sealed super-conductor, could produce a series of earthquakes, half a world away, in the Pacific Ring of Fire? Some researchers dismiss this out of hand, as the energy parametres needed to produce such a reaction are far beyond even those of the LHC, the most powerful machine in the world.

In reply to this rather mundane reaction I will say: Does not the strange attractors of chaos theory allow for the beat of a butterflies wings in Japan to cause a hurricane on the other side of the world? I see a likely analogy between these two phenomena.

In fact chaos theory plays a central in both the LHC and earthquakes. A letter to the scientific magazine Nature entitled Hyperdimensional universality of dynamic interfaces maintains;
Despite the complexity and diversity of nature, there exists universality in the form of critical scaling laws among various dissimilar systems and processes such as stock markets, earthquakes, crackling noise, lung inflation and vortices in superconductors... Exploring how universality is affected by the system dimensions is an important unresolved problem. Here we demonstrate experimentally that universality persists even at a dimensionality crossover in ferromagnetic nanowires. As the wire width decreases, the magnetic domain wall dynamics changes from elastic creep in two dimensions to a particle-like stochastic behaviour in one dimension.
So the critical scaling laws of hyperdimensional crossover exist in earthquakes, as well as in the vortices in superconductors. This is interesting, because the LHC is the largest superconductor in the world. As for how the effects of these critical systems could propagate through the vacuumed tubes of the LHC and into the adjacent surroundings, I need only cite the recent discovery of P wave frequencies from our Sun resonating with signals passing through mobile phone telecommunication cables on the ocean floor. No system is entirely closed, not the earth, not the LHC and certainly not the hyperdimensional multiverse.

The butterfly flapping its wings in Japan and creating a hurricane on the other side of the world is a good analogy for a number of reasons. Not least is fact that the Pacific Ring of Fire is located on the direct opposite side of the earth to Europe and Cern Laboratories, with the LHC aligned along the central axis of the Ring itself. This graphic is not 100% accurate because I wanted it to remain intelligible at a glance. I want you to understand that this is not a mathematical model, as such. But it is illustrative of the points I want to convey.

This image attempts to show which land masses and oceans correlate on polar opposite sides of the globe. As you can see Europe and Africa occupy a large part of the space of the Pacific Ocean. The tiny red dot in the red circle is the approximate location of the LHC. The dark splotches are areas of volcanic/seismic activity. The large blue circle shows the areas in which seismic vibrations from the LHC would most likely affect. The hole in the centre of the blue region is illustrative of a dead zone created by the earth's core, in which no direct waveforms are detected. Immediately beneath the blue ring is another area of calm, slightly larger in size to the first. As you can see the blue region includes much of the area of sisemic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The information for the blue ring, above, was taken from a diagram for the propagation of S and P waves through the earth's core and mantel. I compiled this information by correlating the epi-centre of an earthquake in the diagram below with the latitudinal position of the LHC.

While I was researching hyperdimensional earthquakes I came across this site that appears to have channelled information as its source material. The author states that;
there is a moment during a seismic event when the underlying interdimensional nature of an earthquake affects the electromagnetics in an unusual manner. The effect of shifting dimensions creates a kind of donut-shaped dimensional bubble that, for an instant, produces a very high superconductive state.
So here we have the claim that the critical scaler interdimensionality of earthquakes creates a donut-shaped superconductor. Donut-shaped superconductors you say? Where on earth have I heard of that one before. Oh yeah: At the LHC in Lake Geneva.

The LHC is a underground donut-shaped superconductor and has interdimensional properties on par with the Pacific Ring of Fire energy states. Sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen. All of this links with our November 23 signal also.

The LHC is in a very real sense a Ring of Fire.
U2 360 degree Tour, could signify degrees of rotation or temperature (680 F), a Ring of Fire .
Cirque de Soleil, means circle or ring of sun = fire.
Formula 1 is a combustible fuel guzzling race in the form of a Ring of Fire.

You get the idea. This is all very ominous. Johnny Cash ominous.

The LHC, the 360 degree World Tour, F1, and the Cirque de Soleil Guy Laliberte ascending to the orbiting space station all point to a circle of fire; the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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